This is a tribute to those heroes of speedway, long-track, grass-track, and ice speedway, who are no longer with us.
The following list includes not only those who paid the ultimate price for their love of speed, but many who lost their lives
away from the track, but during their racing careers.  May they never be forgotten.

Apologies for any omissions or inaccuracies, but if you have any amendments or additions (including additional information for current listings), please do not hesitate to contact me, Steve Brown, at
Finally, thanks to everyone who has helped me with this project, with a special mention for Jim Henry, Ross Garrigan and Christian Riviere-Ramond.

While this site is a grim reminder of the tragedies that have occurred throughout the history of the sport, there have been countless other riders who have been injured, often very seriously. 

The Speedway Riders Benevolent Fund exists as a charity in order to assist these individuals in their times of need.  Please consider making a donation to the SRBF via their website :

A-R : Auto Race (Japanese speedway)
B-R : Board Racing (a forerunner of speedway in the US)
CGH : Czech Golden Helmet
F-T : Flat Track Racing
G-T : Grass-Track
I-R : Ice Racing
L-T : Long-Track
N-C : Natural Causes
R-A : Road Accident
R-R : Road Racing
Z-B : Zementbahn (similar to Board Racing, but on concrete tracks)

  In cases where the passing occurred at a later date, the date of the original  crash is indicated after the location.
  Locations are in the
UK unless otherwise stated.

ABBOTT, Joe Bradford & England Jul 1, 1950 Bradford Odsal
AEBI, Max Switzerland Jul 26, 1959 Libourne, France (G-T)
ALBERY, Tom England Jun 19, 1977 Sherfield English (G-T) (N/C : collapsed after race)
ALIBERT, Jean-Michel France Apr 15, 1979 Baleyssague, France (G-T)
ALBRIGHT, Johnny ** USA Sep 8, 1912 Vailsburg Motordrome, Newark, NJ, USA
ALDERTON, Brett Milton Keynes & Australia Apr 21, 1982 King's Lynn (Apr 17)
ALLAN, John C. Scotland Sep 1, 1928 Ulster, N. Ireland (R-R in Ulster Grand Prix)
ALLEN, Jim 'Indian' Belle Vue & England Sep 12, 1931 Belle Vue (Sep 9)
AMMER, Johann Germany Jul 17 1966 Muhldorf, Germany (L-T) (Jul 16)
ANDERSON, Cyril Norwich & England Aug 16, 1947 Norwich
ANDERSSON, Agne Motala & Sweden Jul 26, 1986 Hagfors, Sweden
ANDERSSON, Bosse Sweden Jan 11, 1953 Tunisia (Air crash)
ANDERSSON, Göran Orebro & Sweden Jul 21, 1953 Aldershot (Jul 21, 1952)
ANDERSSON, Harry Avesta & Sweden May 22, 1949 Avesta, Sweden
ANDREWS, Merv Australia Oct 1959 Brisbane, QLD, Australia (R-A)
ANGERMÜLLER, Josef Germany Apr 24, 1977 Civitanova Marche, Italy
APPLEBY, Charlie Birmingham & Canada Oct 7, 1946 Newcastle
ARASZEWICZ, Kazimierz Torun & Poland Jul 25, 1976 Częstochowa, Poland
ARNOTT, Jack New Zealand Nov 16, 1929 Davies Park, Brisbane, QLD, Australia
ARROWSMITH, Jack England September 1929 Burnley, Lancs, England (R/A)
ARTER, Don England May 23, 1939 Eastry, Kent (G-T)
ASTER, Russell Australia Jul 20, 1929 Lidcombe Showground, Sydney, NSW, Australia
ATKINSON, Dennis Leeds & England Jul 13, 1929 Middlesbrough (Jul 12)
AUSTEN, Frank England Jun 29, 1936 Sturminster Marshall, Dorset, England (Jun 28) (G-T)
AYRES, Danny Scunthorpe & England Feb 1, 2020 Mildenhall, Suffolk (Other)
Harringay's Jack Biggs leading Ernie Roccio at Plough Lane. 
Sadly, both men are listed on this page. 
BAILEY, Peter Coventry & England Apr 27, 1974 Coventry, Warks (R-A)
BALKE, Charles "Fearless" ** USA Jun 7, 1914 Hawthorne Horse Track, Chicago, IL, USA (F-T)
BANKS, Graham Canterbury & England Jun 4, 1978 New Romney, Kent (G-T)
BARTLETT, Richard England Sep 1, 2009 Isle of Man (R/R)
BASKAKOV, Alexander Salavat & Russia Aug 12, 1990 Salavat, Russia (Aug 5)
BASNEY, Chuck USA Oct 26, 1956 Ascot Park, Gardena, CA, USA (F-T)
BAUER, Herbert Germany Sep 7, 1968 Pfarrkirchen, Germany (L-T)
BAXTER, Gordon England Mar 28, 1932 Donington Park (R-R)
BAYLAIS, Jim Hackney & England Sep 27, 1939 Stanborough, Herts (R-A)
BEATON, George Glasgow & Scotland Oct 6/7, 1972 Blantyre, Scotland (R-A)
BEAUMONT, Ray England Aug 16, 1956 Newquay, Cornwall (G-T) (Aug 15)
BEHRMANN, Len Australia Jun 5, 1945 Sydney Sportsground, NSW, Australia
BEREZOWSKI, Ryszard Opole & Poland Sep 16, 1984 Opole, Poland (Air crash)
BERGHOFER, Eric Germany Aug 19, 1951 Wuppertal - Stadion Zoo (Germany) (Aug 18)
BERNARD France 1959 Langon-Saint-Macaire, France (G-T)
BERNARD Switzerland 1923 Vélodrome de Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva. Switzerland
BERRY, Ken USA Jul 19, 1988 San Bernadino, CA, USA (Jul 13)
BERTHET, Jean France Sep 19, 1948 Vélodrome de Plan-les-Ouates, Geneva, Switzerland
BERWICK, Kieran Eastbourne & England 1984 England (N-C - Leukaemia)
BETZL, Josef Germany May 18, 1985 Mühldorf, Germany (L-T)
BIALEK, Jerzy Gdańsk & Poland Aug 11, 1974 Rzeszów, Poland
BIDDLE, Charlie Stamford Bridge & England May 30, 1928 Stamford Bridge (May 23)
BIGGS, Jack Australia Dec 8, 1972 Bendigo, VIC, Australia
BILDZIUKIEWICZ, Jerzy Bydgoszcz & Poland Aug 29, 1971 Bydgoszcz, Poland
BISHOP, Jack Australia Mar 20, 1933 England (Tuberculosis)
BLACKLOCK, Charlie Harringay & New Zealand Jan 27, 1935 Christchurch, New Zealand
BLAKE (COOMBES), Bobby Australia Jun 14, 1936 Maroubra, NSW, Australia
BLASKIEWICZ, Benedykt Torun & Poland Jun 29, 1970 Torun, Poland
BLUCHER, Henry Australia Apr 30, 1927 Mareeba, QLD, Australia
BOOCOCK, Harry England May 3, 1929 Yorkshire(Drowned)
BOTEZATU, Eugen Romania Nov 15, 1987 Sibiu, Romania
BOURKE, Norman Australia May 9, 1948 Emu Park, QLD, Australia (G-T)
BOX, Stanley Australia Dec 17, 1949 Melbourne, VIC, Australia
BRABAND, Erwin Germany May 20, 1934 Teterow, Germany (G-T)
BRADLEY, George USA Sep 25, 1956 Ascot Park, Gardena, CA, USA (Sep 21)
BRADSHAW, Peter West Ham & Australia Jul 14, 1970 Lokeren, Belgium (R-A)
BRENNAN, Bert Australia Dec 3, 1932 Sydney Royale, NSW, Australia
BRIGGS, Bindon Australia May 4, 1940 Penrith, NSA, Australia
BRILLMANN, Emmerich Austria Sep 6, 1959 Amstetten, Austria
BRINCK, Eddie ** USA Aug 13, 1927 Springfield, MA, USA (B-R)
BROMFIELD, Kenneth 'Blos' West Ham & Australia Oct 21, 1937 Bathurst, NSW, Australia (R-A)
BROWN, Malcolm Australia Apr 2, 1929 Bathurst, NSW, Australia (Apr 1)
BROWN, Walter Edinburgh & Scotland May 11, 1929 Edinburgh Marine Gardens
BROWNE, Roger Australia Feb 15, 1969 Sydney Royale, NSW, Australia
BUNNING, Allan Australia Mar 2, 1925 Melbourne Motordrome, VIC, Australia (Z-B)
BURGER, Rudolf Germany 1972 Landshut, Germany
BURNS, Albert 'Shrimp' ** USA Aug 14, 1921 Toledo, OH, USA (B-R)
BURTON, Leonard Australia Jun 6, 1939 Gympie, QLD, Australia
BUTLER, Maurice Belle Vue & England Aug 23, 1945 Belle Vue (Aug 22)
BYRNE, Peter Australia Dec 12, 2004 Cabbage Tree Point, QLD, Australia (R-A)

Spectacular action from
Jack Bishop. 

World Champion in 1955 and
1962, the "Wizard of Balance",
Peter Craven.
CANTWELL, Con Wimbledon & Australia Apr 13, 1933 Copenhagen, Denmark
CARMICHAEL, Malcolm Australia Jul 14, 1970 Lokeren, Belgium (R-A)
CARNIE, James Preston & England Jul 24, 1930 Preston
CARTER, Kenny Bradford & England May 21, 1986 Halifax, Yorkshire (Other)
CASAS, Alvaro Spain Jun 4, 1932 Estadio Metropolitan, Madrid, Spain
CATLETT, Stan Australia Nov 29, 1933 Picton Junction, WA, Australia (Air crash)
CERVENKA, Karel Czechoslovakia Sep 6, 1977 Chomutov, Czechoslovakia
CHAMBERS, George New Zealand Nov 22, 1930 Monica Park, Christchurch, New Zealand
CHANDLER, William Australia Nov 15, 1949 Newcastle, NSW, Australia (Nov 14)
CHAPMAN, Ken Australia Feb 7, 1958 Claremont, Perth, WA, Australia
CHARLES, Frank England Jul 15, 1939 Great Hucklow, Derbyshire, England (Gliding accident)
CHISWELL, Mark Mildenhall & England Sep 1987 England (R-A)
CHRUPEK, Ryszard Tarnów & Poland May 6, 1979 Tarnów, Poland
CLARKE, Arthur Australia Jun 1936 Thebarton Oval, Adelaide, SA, Australia (Feb 1, 1923)
CLAY, Norman Exeter & Australia Jan 20, 1950 Sydney Sportsground, NSW, Australia
CLAY, Sid Australia 1940's Australia (drowned)
CLEGG, Alan England Jan 7, 1972 Hackney
COBCROFT, Stuart Australia Oct 6, 1930 Sydney Royale, NSW, Australia
COCKBONE, George England Jun 19, 1943 Air crash (active service), Normandy, France
COLLINS, Bob England Aug 14, 1948 St. Austell, Cornwall (G-T)
CONRADI, Detlef Germany Apr 25, 1999 Celle, Germany (G-T)
CORT, Clem Belle Vue & England Jan 20, 1932 Uruguay (R-A)
COULANGES, Jean-Jacques France 1990 or 1991 France (1990) (G-T)
COURT, Roy Oxford & England Aug 22, 1949 England (R-A)
COURTNELL, Terry Oxford & England Nov 17, 1956 Radfontein, South Africa (R-A)
CRAVEN, Peter Belle Vue & England Sep 24, 1963 Edinburgh Meadowbank (Sep 20)
CRAVEN, Reg Yarmouth & England May 4, 1948 Poole (Apr 26)
CREE, Brian England Aug 19, 1979 New Romney, Kent (G-T)
CROSS, Paul England Nov 1, 1965 Wetherby, Yorks, England (G-T) (Aug 22)
CRUTCHER, Tom Exeter & England Dec 27, 1947 England (R-A)
CURTIS, Geoff Reading & Australia Dec 15, 1973 Sydney Royale, NSW, Australia (Dec 14)
CZERNY, Marek Częstochowa & Poland Sep 26, 1972 Rzeszów, Poland (Aug 31)
DADOS, Robert Lublin & Poland Mar 30, 2004 Lublin, Poland (Other)
DAL BOSCO, Remo Italy Feb 13, 1994 Berlin-Wilmersdorf, Germany (I-R)
DALLIMORE, Les England Dec 26, 1930 Paris, France (Diphtheria)
DARBY, Leonard Australia Dec 26, 1940 Warragul, VIC, Australia
DAVIE, Tom Australia Dec 11, 1981 Mount Isa, QLD, Australia (R-A)
DAVIS, Harry ** USA Jul 4, 1912 Wandamere Motordrome, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA (B-R)
DEAS, Ronald Australia Feb 27, 1937 Claremont, Perth, WA, Australia
DE FELICE (Jr), Antonio Argentina Oct 1989 Argentina
DEFEW, Stephen England Jul 13, 1977 Peterborough (Jul 8)
DELIBERO, Louis ** Italy Oct 4, 1918 Nr Bridgeport, CT, USA (R-A)
DENTON, Harry Australia Nov 9, 1967 Rowley Park, Adelaide, SA, Australia (Nov 3)
DEROSIER, Jacob ** Canada Feb 25, 1913 Springfield, MA, USA (Mar 10, 1912 – L.A. Motordrome)
DIENER, Walter Germany Aug 17, 1986 Schwarme, Germany (G-T)
DIRTL, Fritz Austria Jun 10, 1956 Oberhausen, Germany
DIXON, Bill USA Apr 2003 Elk Grove, CA, USA (N-C)
DOMANIECKI, Stanislaw Torun & Poland Aug 15, 1962 Gniezno, Poland
DOMES, Gerhard Germany August 1968 Hassloch, Germany (G-T)
DONAGHY, James Australia Feb 26, 1927 Sydney Royale, NSW, Australia
DOUBEK, Ewald Austria Jul 5, 1997 Natsbach Loipersbach, Austria
DOUGLAS, Herbert Australia May 2, 1940 Penrith, NSW, Australia (N-C?)
DOVHZENKO, Aleksandr Daugavpils & Latvia Jun 20, 2005 (Other)
DOWLING, Ted Australia Dec 26, 1936 Warragul, VIC, Australia (G-T)
DOYLE, Eric Australia Apr 9, 1955 Claremont, Perth, WA, Australia
DOYLE, Peter Australia Nov 24, 1983 Collie, WA, Australia
DREWS, Herbert Germany Jan 19, 1949 Hamburg Langenfort, Germany (Jan 9)
DROZDEK, Henryk Łódź & Poland Sep 27, 1978 Rzeszów, Poland (Sep 25)
DUGGAN, Ray Harringay & Australia Jan 20, 1950 Sydney Sportsground, NSW, Australia
DUH, Matija Slovenia Feb 3, 2013 Bahia Blanca, Argentina (Jan 30)
DUNN, Eric Hastings & England Jun 15, 1948 Eastbourne (Jun 13)
DURHAM, David England Oct 21, 2007 Offerton Farm, Hindlip, Worcestershire (G-T)
DUSANEK, Libor Czechoslovakia Aug 20, 1961 Pardubice, Czechoslovakia (CGH)
DUTTON, Sid Australia Jul 17, 1926 Maroubra, NSW, Australia

Harry Denton after winning
the Unlimited Solo title at
the Port Pirie circuit in 1961.
Ray Duggan - seen here leading Wimbledon's George
Saunders - was killed in the same crash that claimed
the life of fellow Aussie Norman Clay.
EARNSHAW, Vincent Nov 11, 1928 Ainsworth, Lancashire (R-A)
EATHER, Roy Exeter & Australia Mar 26, 1953 Exeter
EAVES, Jack Australia Dec 27, 1954 Bathurst, NSW, Australia
EDWARDS, Curtis ** USA Sep 9, 1912 Riverview Motordrome, Chicago, IL, USA (B-R)
ELIAS, Ladislav Czechoslovakia May 24, 1975 Zohor, Czechoslovakia
ELMS, Frank Australia Dec 21, 1935 Sydney Royale, NSW, Australia
ERIKSSON, Bertil Stockholm & Sweden Sep 29, 1950 Stockholm, Sweden
ERNST, Paul Germany Sep 1, 1929 Heide, Germany (G-T)
EVANS, Eric England July 6, 1947 Frome, Somerset (G-T)
EVERETT, Gary Wimbledon & England Jul 14, 1970 Lokeren, Belgium (R-A)
EVERETT, George USA Jun 22, 1959 Ascot Park, Gardena, CA, USA (F-T) (Jun 19)
EYRE, Harry West Ham & England Jul 6, 1953 West Ham

A couple of photos of Exeter and Australia's Roy Eather. 

FAAFENG, Jonny Glasgow & Norway 1968 Norway (R-A)
FARMER, George Middlesbrough & England 1949 Middlesbrough (R-A)
FARNDON, Tom New Cross & England Aug 30, 1935 New Cross (Aug 28)
FAUVERTE, Christian France Jun 16, 1974 Saint Colomb-de-Lauzun, France (G-T)
FEATHERBY, Craig Milton Keynes & England Sep 16, 1983 Peterborough
FERGUSON, Ronald Australia Sep 16, 1948 Townsville, QLD, Australia (Sep 10)
FERJAN, Matej Newcastle & Slovenia/Hungary May 22, 2011 Gorzów, Poland (N-C)
FIELDING, David England Apr 6, 1985 Copthorne, Sussex, England (Testing G/T sidecar)
FIELDING, Lex Australia Jan 23, 1971 Carina, Bundaberg, QLD, Australia
FINN, Hans-Peter New Zealand Mar 30, 1920 Devonport/Takapuna, New Zealand (Mar 29) (G-T)
FLOOD, Malcolm Norwich & England Apr 2, 1956 Poole
FLOOR, Niels Denmark Jul 1, 1951 Silkeborg, Denmark
FORNAL, Kazimierz Rzeszów & Poland Jun 5, 1978 Rzeszów, Poland (May)
FOUNTAIN, John New Zealand Dec 21, 1951 Western Springs, Auckland, New Zealand
FRÖBEL, Thomas Germany May 1, 2001 Ludwigslust, Germany (G-T)
FRY, Paul Newport & England Mar 31, 2010 Hereford. England (Other)

David Fielding (driver) in action.  An accomplished competitor in both
solos and sidecars, David tragically lost his life while testing his outfit near his Sussex home.

GARDNER, Jim USA Aug 27, 2010 Palm Springs, CA, USA (After R/A)
GARMSON, John New Zealand Jul 30, 1931 Nottingham
GARRATT, Wayne Newcastle & England Sep 28, 1992 Newcastle (Sep 13)
GAVRILKIN, Andrei Russia Jun 16, 2014 Saransk, Russia (R-A)
GAVROS, Jimmy Australia Jan 23, 1970 Rowley Park, Adelaide, SA, Australia
GAYMER, Nathan England Nov 8, 1994 England (R-A)
GEISBAUER, Gunther Germany Oct 6, 2003 Mühldorf, Germany (L-T) (Oct 5)
GILBERT, Joseph Australia Aug 19, 1928 Ingham, QLD, Australia
GINTER, Oleg Lokomotiv Moscow & Russia Jan 7, 1978 Russia (R-A)
GILLESPIE, Norman Australia Mar 25, 1948 Sydney Sportsground, NSW, Australia
GLADISHEW, Anatoli Russia Feb 19, 1984 Moscow, Russia (I-R)
GLADWIN, Paul Reading & England Oct 8, 2002 Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire (R-A)
GOŁĘBOWSKI, Zygmunt Częstochowa & Poland May 30, 1974 Częstochowa, Poland (R-A)
GREEN, Arthur England Aug 2, 1964 Retford, Notts (G-T)
GREENALL, Ernie England Apr 28, 1929 Copenhagen, Denmark (Apr 26)
GRIFFITHS, Syd Southampton & Wales Sep 11, 1940 Southampton, Hants, England (Air raid)
GRIGG, Charles Australia Apr 24, 1926 Melbourne Motordrome, VIC, Australia (Z-B)
GRIMBEEK, Hendrik Pretoria Tigers & South Africa Feb 3, 1951 Pretoria, South Africa (Accident at home)
GROCHOWSKI, Jerzy Poland Jun 3, 1959 Pila, Poland
GSCHWILM, Georg Germany Feb 5, 1933 Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany (I-R)
GUASCO, Gordon Poole & Australia Nov 16, 1970 Liverpool, NSW, Australia (Nov 8)
Birmingham's Alan Hunt, killed 
in South Africa in 1957.
HAIGH, Herbert 'Dusty' Hackney & England May 15, 1936 Hackney
HALL, Ken England Oct 9, 1965 Salisbury, Wiltshre, England (G-T)
HAMBRIDGE, Gordon England Jul 29, 1973 Denmead, Hampshire (G-T)
HAMMOND SPRINGS, Henry ** USA May 30, 1922 Springbrook Park, South Bend, IN, USA (F-T)
HAMNETT, Dave Australia Nov 19, 2006 Taree, NSW, Australia (Dirt-track racing)
HANLON, Edgar 'Ted' Australia Jan 26, 1928 Deagon, QLD, Australia (Car racing)
HANSBURY, Jim Australia Mar 7, 1953 Sydney Royale, NSW, Australia
HARDING, Vic Hackney & England Jun 9, 1979 Hackney (Jun 8)
HARDY, Norm Australia Apr 12, 1947 Sydney Royale, NSW, Australia
HARGREAVES, Jack Belle Vue & England Jan 15, 1944 Harden, W. Yorks, England (R-A)
HARING, Cornelis Netherlands Jul 5, 1947 Aalsmeer, Netherlands
HARRIS, Frank Australia Dec 8, 1930 Sydney Royale, NSW, Australia (Dec 6)
HARRISON, Ray Australia Nov 22, 1983 Melbourne, VIC, Australia
HART, Stan Belle Vue & England Aug 25, 1937 Birmingham Hall Green
HASENBERGER, Franz Germany Sep 8, 1968 Pfarrkirchen, Germany (L-T) (Sep 7)
HASHA, Eddie ** USA Sep 8, 1912 Vailsburg Motordrome, Newark, NJ, USA (B-R)
HASTINGS, John Leeds & England Jul 26, 1930 Leeds
HEDRICK, Jim USA 2000/01 USA (Skydiving accident)
HELDERS, Everthardus Netherlands Sep 10, 1930 Olympic Stadium, Amsterdam, Netherlands
HELM, Meelis Estonia May 5, 1986 Daugavpils, Latvia
HELMINEN, Ilkka Finland Jul 14, 1964 Haapajärvi, Finland (L-T) (Jul 12)
HENDRICKSEN, Chris England May 14, 2006 Mulmshorn, Germany (L-T)
HETTRICK, Bob USA Mar 25, 1979 San Bernadino, CA, USA (Air crash)
HEWLETT, Martin Swindon & England Sep 15, 1982 Swindon (N-C)
HIBBERD, 'Buzz' Australia Dec 27, 1930 Wentworth Oval, Sydney, NSW, Australia
HIBBERT, Bob Australia May 10, 1946 Sydney Sportsground, NSW, Australia
HOBBS, Trevor Australia Feb 20, 1970 Claremont, Perth, WA, Australia
HODGES, James Australia Jun 6, 1959 Rockhampton, QLD, Australia
HODGSON, Craig Australia Sep 30, 1998 Adelaide, SA, Australia (Other)
HODSON, Stan Exeter & England Jun 1, 1949 Paignton, Devon (N-C)
HOLDEN, Kevin Poole & England Apr 27, 1977 Poole (N-C)
HOPKIN, Barry Australia Nov 13, 1965 Sydney Royale, NSW, Australia
HORSTMANN, Olaf Rehna & Germany Parchim, Germany
HORTON, Jacques Australia Aug 19, 1948 Townsville, QLD, Australia (Aug 18)
HOUBECK, Emil ** USA Jun 6, 1913 Detroit, MI, USA (B-R)
HOWES, Bob England Nov 10, 1951 Norwich
HUGHES, Ivor Cradley Heath & Wales Aug 23, 1966 Cradley Heath (Aug 20)
HUNT, Alan Birmingham & England Feb 2, 1957 Wembley, Johannesburg, South Africa
HUNTER, Ian Wimbledon & England Apr 14, 1987 Iwade (Apr 12)
HUNTER, Robert ** USA Jun 30, 1912 Luna Park, Cleveland, OH, USA (B-R)
HURN, Edward England Jun 8, 1949 Littledean, Gloucs, England (Jun 6) (G-T)
HURYCH, Jiri Czech Republic Jun 16, 1991 Miramont, France (G-T)
HUSSEY, Gerald Leicester & England Mar 7, 1959 Rowley Park, Adelaide, SA, Australia (Midget cars) (Mar 6)


IDZIKOWSKI, Bronislaw Częstochowa & Poland Sep 15, 1961 Częstochowa, Poland (Sep 10)
ISON, Steve Harringay & England Sep 25, 1948 Nr Romford, Essex, England (R-A)
IVERSEN, Erik Fjelsted & Denmark May 28, 1977 Fredericia, Denmark


JACKSON, David New Cross & England Aug 11, 1938 Dagenham
JACKSON, Peter Southampton & England Jul 8, 1947 Southampton
JACOBS, 'Tuffy' USA Jun 16, 1930 Chowchilla, CA, USA (Jun 15)
JANKOWSKI, Marian Ostrów & Poland Sep 28, 1956 Ostrów, Poland
JANSSON, Tommy Wimbledon/Smederna & Sweden May 20, 1976 Stockholm, Sweden
JĘDRZEZAK, Tomasz Eastbourne/Wroclaw & Poland Aug 14, 2018 Wroclaw, Poland (Other)
JENKINS, Dick Plymouth & England May 3, 1951 Plymouth
JOELSSON, Erik Hallstavik & Sweden Jul 15, 1934 Hallstavik, Sweden
JOHNSON, Noel Plymouth & Australia Aug 25, 1931 Plymouth
JOHNSON, Odin ** USA Jul 30, 1913 Lagoon Motordrome, Ludlow, KY, USA (B-R)
JONES, Ashley King's Lynn & Australia Nov 12, 2005 Melbourne, VIC, Australia
A rare shot of Harringay's
Steve Ison. 
KAASA, Svein Glasgow & Norway Sep 29, 1972 Hampden Park, Glasgow
KAMM, Gerhard Germany Sep 29, 1974 Pfarrkirchen, Germany (G-T)
KANKANEN, Hannu Finland Late 1980's Germany (R-A)
KARLSSON, Jerry Västervik & Sweden 1982 Västervik, Sweden (Apr 30, 1980)
KEETER, DeWayne USA May 2, 1975 Ascot Park, Gardena, CA, USA (F-T) (May 1)
KELLY, Les Australia Nov 1, 1928 Brisbane, QLD, Australia (R-A) (Oct 31)
KELLY, Zeddie ** USA Nov 27, 1914 Savannah, GA, USA (R-R) (Nov 26)
KENNY, James (SMITH, Jack) England Aug 4, 1931 Audenshaw (Aug 2)
KENT, Percy England Aug 20, 1931 Greenford (Aug 18)
KERBER, Fred Germany Aug 21, 1932 Brandenburg, Germany
KIELBASA, Wojciech Krosno & Poland Jul 12, 2001 Krosno, Poland (Jul 6)
KINCHIN, Vincent England May 23, 2010 Teterow, Germany (G-T)
KINDEL, Hans Germany Aug 21, 1955 Heide, Germany (G-T)
KIRSCHKE, Erwin Germany Jul 3, 1949 Berlin-Neukölln, Germany
KLAUER, Willi Germany 1931 Mannheim, Germany (G-T)
KLEMENTIEV, Valeri Russia Apr 7, 1971 Zelenokumsk, Russia
KNAPP, Grzegorz Lelystad & Poland Jun 22, 2014 Heusden-Zolder, Belgium
KOIJ, Peter Sweden Mar 30, 2011 Västerås, Sweden (I-R)
KOŁECZEK, Tadeusz Łódź & Poland Dec 29, 1950 Łódź, Poland (Accident at Łódź zoo)
KOPTASHKIN, Vasiliy Russia 1989 Almaty, Kazakhstan (I-R)
KORSHAKOV, Alexander Signal Rovno & Russia Aug 27, 1984 Rovno, Russia
KOWALSKI, Jerzy Leszno & Poland Aug 21, 1978 Leszno, Poland (Aug 12)
KOWALSKI, Stanislaw Leszno & Poland Sep 26, 1955 Leszno, Poland (R-A)
KOWSZEWICZ, Grzegorz Torun & Poland Sep 3, 1992 Torun, Poland
KRAMER, Emil Somerset & Sweden Dec 9, 2009 Mariestad, Sweden (R-A)
KRAUS, Bernhard Germany 1975 Neustadt, Germany
KUDRNA, Zdenek Birmingham & Czech Republic Jun 1, 1982 Stadskanaal, Netherlands (G-T) (May 31)
KULAGA, Andrzej Swietochlowice & Poland Oct 20, 1986 Poland (R-A)
KURMANSKI, Rafal Swindon/Zielona Góra & Poland May 30, 2004 Zielona Góra, Poland (Other)
KUTROWSKI, Franciszek Leszno & Poland Nov 11, 1951 Inowroclaw, Poland
KUZMIN, Anatoli Lokomotiv Moscow & Russia Jan 7, 1978 Russia (R-A)
KUZNIAR, Wieslaw Rzeszów & Poland Jun 24, 1972 Rzeszów, Poland
Russian Valeri Klementiev
in action during the 1969
World Final at Wembley. 
LADD, Jack Tamworth & England Aug 30, 1947 Alkmaar, Netherlands
LAHADERNE, Larry USA Jun 15, 2006 San Francisco, CA, USA (N-C)
LAMBERTSEN, Palle Brovst & Denmark Apr 16, 1983 Brovst, Denmark
LAMENT, Janusz Bydgoszcz & Poland Aug 7, 1974 Bydgoszcz, Poland
LARKIN, Mervyn Australia Mar 14, 1948 Newcastle, NSW, Australia
LARSSON, Rune Kumla & Sweden Aug 28, 1950 Gislaved, Sweden (Aug 27)
LARSSON, Stig Denmark Oct 2, 1976 Slangerup, Denmark
LEBOUTTE, Cyrille Belgium 1952 Lummen, Belgium (G-T)
LEBRETON, Ken Glasgow Ashfield & Australia Jan 6, 1951 Sydney Sportsground, NSW, Australia (Jan 5)
LEIGH, Gordon Australia Dec 28, 1959 Warragula, VIC, Australia (G-T)
LEVY, Lionel Australia Feb 10, 1968 Sydney Royale, NSW, Australia
LEWIS, George USA Nov 18, 2006 Syracuse, NY, USA (1989)
LILLE, Clifford Australia Mar 21, 1927 Newcastle, NSW, Australia
LIPERTOWICZ, Janusz Torun & Poland Aug 1973 Torun, Poland
LOFQVIST, Christer Sweden Feb 1, 1978 Sweden (N-C)
LOFQVIST, Fritz Sweden Oct 1949 Solvalla, Sweden (L-T)
LOFTS, Harold Australia Oct 5, 1925 Penrith, NSW, Australia
LOWDIN, Thord Avesta & Sweden 1984 Avesta, Sweden
LUNARDI, Giuseppe Italy May 8, 1975 Civitanova Marche, Italy
Speedway's "White Ghost",
Ken LeBreton. 
West Ham's Swedish thrillmaker, 
Christer Lofqvist.  I attended his
British debut at Custom House
MACDONALD, Gray Australia Oct 30, 1988 Rockhampton, QLD, Australia (Oct 29)
MACKLOW, Charles New Zealand Jan 6, 1920 Alexandra Park, Auckland, New Zealand (G-T)
MADDEN, Terry Australia Apr 18, 1974 Lismore, NSW, Australia
MAHER, Tommy Australia Apr 6, 1927 Brisbane Ekka, QLD, Australia
MALINGER, Arkadiusz Gniezno & Poland Aug 17, 2011 Gniezno, Poland
MALINOWSKI, Zbigniew Bydgoszcz & Poland Apr 7, 1974 Chorzów, Poland
MALTZAHN, Werner Germany 1982 Schwarme, Germany (G-T)
MAPP, Ken Australia Sep 28, 1968 Sydney Royale, NSW, Australia
MARAMA-TOYO, Adolfo Italy May 30, 1946 Ippodromo di Montebello, Trieste, Italy
MARASZEK, Jacek Gdańsk & Poland May 11, 1998 Gdańsk, Poland (May 8)
MARDANSHIN, Rinat Oktyabrsky & Russia Jan 19, 2005 Oktyabrsky, Russia (N-C)
MARKGRAF-KRIEGER, Tobias Germany Apr 5, 1953 Braunschweig, Germany (G-T)
MARKO, Igor Rovno & Ukraine Nov 16, 2006 Rovno, Ukraine (Other)
MARTTILA, Taisto Finland Jul 12, 1964 Haapajärvi, Finland (L-T)
MARTIN, Albert Aug 7, 1949 Abridge, Essex (G-T)
MARX, Jiri Czechoslovakia May 1, 1990 Brezolupy, Czechoslovakia
MASTERS, Jim USA Jul 14, 2012 Costa Mesa (N/C)
MATHERS, Des Australia Apr 1976 Carina, Bundaberg, QLD, Australia
MATULA, Michal Olympia Prague & Czech Republic May 27, 2007 Krosno, Poland
MAWSON, Clifford England Oct 21, 1928 Rochdale (Oct 20)
MAYNARD, Derek 'Tink' Belle Vue & England Jul 23, 1960 Norwich
MCCALLUM, Bruce Belle Vue & Australia Nov 7, 1931 Manchester (Buried Nov 18) (N-C)
MCDONALD, Laurence Australia Dec 16, 1933 Melbourne Exhibition Grounds, VIC, Australia
MCKAY, Keith Australia Feb 1, 1929 Sydney Royale, NSW, Australia (Dec 22, 1928)
MCKENZIE, Ron New Zealand Dec 15, 1929 Wellington, New Zealand (R-A)
MCKINNON, Don Australia 1972 Brisbane Ekka, QLD, Australia
MCMILLAN, Maurice Australia Nov 28, 1947 Claremont, Perth, WA, Australia
MCNEIL, Jock ** Scotland Aug 19, 1913 Atlanta Motordrome, Atlanta, GA, USA (B-R)
M'COLL, Harold Australia Oct 11, 1913 VIC, Australia
MEREDITH, Geoff Australia Jun 13, 1928 Douglas, Isle of Man (N-C - Pneumonia)
METZNER, E. Germany Aug 24, 1936 Teterow, Germany (G-T) (Aug 23)
MEYERS, Harry Australia Jul 12, 1929 Hazelbrook, NSW, Australia (R-A)
MEYNERS, Tinus Netherlands Jul 30, 1983 Emmeloord, Netherlands (G-T)
MILLEN, Jack Edinburgh & New Zealand Apr 29, 1978 Grantshouse, Scotland (R-A)
MILNER, Roy USA Nov 26, 1914 Omaha Motordrome, Council Bluffs, IA, USA (B-R)
MITCHELL, Troy Australia Mar 16, 1991 Arunga Park, Alice Springs, NT, Australia
MOERSCH Germany Oct 5, 1930 Zementbahn Hamborn, Duisburg, Germany (Z-B)
MOLONEY, Reg Australia Feb 16, 1930 Melbourne Motordrome, VIC, Australia (Z-B)
MORRIS, Dave England Apr 10, 1974 Smarden, Kent (G-T) Apr 7)
MUCHENE, Paul Hackney & England Jul 4, 1989 Hackney (Jun 30)
MUIR, Keith Australia Jul 9, 1932 Melbourne, VIC, Australia (Oct 31, 1931)
MULLIGAN, Percy Australia Mar 2, 1929 Claremont, Perth, WA, Australia
NAGAI, Hideki Japan Sep 27, 2009 Iizuka, Japan (A-R)
NAIRNE, William Australia Dec 10, 1926 Werrington Park, QLD, Australia (Dec 7)
NAZIMEK, Eugeniusz Rzeszów & Poland Jul 12, 1959 Rzeszów, Poland
NELSON, George ** USA Jul 4, 1911 Riverview Motordrome, Chicago, IL, USA (B-R)
NEMECEK, Jaroslav Czechoslovakia Sep 7, 1947 Pardubice, Czechoslovakia (CGH)
NESSER Germany Oct 1, 1949 Zementbahn Berlin-Neukoll, Berlin, Germany (Z-B)
NICHOL, Bill Newcastle & England Apr 29, 1946 Newcastle
NICHOLAS (Michaletos), Will Crystal Palace & South Africa Aug 20, 1930 Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire (R-A)
NICHOLLS, Karl England Jan 16, 1994 Iwade
NISCHENKO, Nikolai Russia Sep 2, 1993 Thialf Stadion, Herenveen, Netherlands (I-R)
NIVEN, Jack Germany Jun 6, 1949 Zementbahn Aachener, Aachen, Germany (Z-B)
NIX, David King's Lynn & England May 1, 2002 King's Lynn
NIXON, Fred Australia Nov 7, 1926 Brisbane Ekka, QLD, Australia (Nov 2)
NOBLE, Des Australia Dec 17, 1971 Claremont, Perth, WA, Australia
NOBLE, Roy Australia Dec 26, 1938 Warragul, VIC, Australia
NORRBY, Bernt Visby & Sweden Apr 20, 1969 Visby, Sweden


OAKFORD, Andy England Jan 21,1933 West Chobham, Surrey, England (R-A)
O'CONNELL, Kevin England Jan 25, 1985 Adelaide, SA, Australia
O'DONNELL, Tony England Dec 6, 1975 Coventry
OFFENBERG, Chris Netherlands May 4, 1949 Rijswijk, Netherlands (May 1)
OLDEMAN, F Netherlands Apr 15, 1963 Balkrug, Netherlands (G-T)
OLES, Jerzy Poland Jun 24, 1965 Rybnik, Poland
OLIVER, Cleveland ** USA Aug 31, 1912 St. Louis Motordrome, MO, USA (B-R)
OLSSON, Kenny Vargarna & Sweden Jun 8, 2007 Norrköping, Sweden (Jun 7)
OWEN, William England Aug 31, 1930 Audenshaw


PALLAZZO James ** USA Jul 4/5, 1918 Pottstown, PA, USA (F-T)
PARKER, Roger England Aug 1, 1978 Olveston, Bristol (G-T)
PASSIER, Eddy Netherlands Aug 29, 1937 Alkmaar Sportpark, Netherlands (G-T)
PAUL (PRYKE), Freddie Australia Dec 31, 1932 Sydney Royale, NSW, Australia (Dec 3)
PAWLAK, Artur Zielona Góra & Poland Jun 21, 1993 Zielona Góra (Jun 6)
PAWLAK, Ryszard Ostrów & Poland Sep 5, 1952 Ostrów, Poland
PAWLAK, Wieslaw Zielona Góra & Poland Aug 13, 1987 Zielona Góra, Poland (Aug 4)
PEARCE, Alan Coventry & England Mar 27, 1959 Southampton
PEARCE, Max Yarmouth & Australia Jul 14, 1948 Yarmouth (Jul 13)
PEPPER, George Newcastle & Canada Sep 17, 1942 Rochester, Kent (RAF Air Crash)
PERRIE, Bernard Australia Dec 31, 1928 Claremont, Perth, WA, Australia
PERRY, Bob ** USA Jan 2, 1920 Ascot Park, Gardena, CA, USA (F-T)
PETERS, Bob USA Dec 30, 1998 Sacramento, CA, USA (Other)
PETERSON, Gary Wolverhampton & New Zealand Oct 17, 1975 Wolverhampton
PETIT, A Netherlands May 1935 Brugge, Belgium (G-T)
PIDDOCK, Martyn West Ham & England Jul 14, 1970 Lokeren, Belgium (R-A)
PITTS, Leon ** USA May 14, 1913 Riverview Motordrome, Chicago, IL, USA (B-R)
PLATTON, Letium Australia Nov 16, 1952 Stanthorpe, QLD, Australia (G-T)
PLIMMER, Harold New Zealand Jan 22, 1914 Awapuni Racecourse, Palmerston North, NZ (G-T)
POLDERVAART, Arij Netherlands Sep 2, 1934 Pardubice, Czechoslovakia (CGH)
POLUKARD, Mieczyslaw Bydgoszcz & Poland Oct 25, 1985 Bydgoszcz, Poland
POOLE, Gary Australia Aug 1972 Salty Creek, NSW, Australia
POPOV, Valeri Russia 1992 Balakovo, Russia
POTTS, Harry Scotland Jun 2, 1928 Scotland (R-A)
PRATSCH, Harald Lubbenau & Germany Parchim, Germany
PRIEST, Jarrad Australia Nov 14, 1998 Murray Bridge, SA, Australia
PRIME, Chris Newcastle & England Apr 3, 1978 Newcastle
PRINSLOO, Deon Zimbabwe/South Africa Feb 26, 2011 Nr Johannesburg, South Africa (R-A)
PULFORD, Doug New Zealand Jan 29, 1948 Western Springs, New Zealand
PUNKKA, Seppo Finland Oct 10, 1954 Mantta, Finland
PUPER, Boleslaw Ostrów & Poland Nov 3, 1957 Gniezno, Poland
PYEATT, Denny Reading & USA Jul 17, 1982 Hackney (Jul 16)
RADCLIFFE, Aussie New Zealand Late 1931 Kilbirnie Speedway, Wellington, New Zealand
RANISZEWSKI, Zbigniew Bydgoszcz & Poland Apr 21, 1956 Vienna, Austria
RAWLINS, Ernie Southampton & England Sep 22, 1956 Southampton (Sep 18)
REES, Russell Australia Jun 28, 1980 Carina, Bundaberg, QLD, Australia
REEVES, Roy Leicester & England Sep 21, 1929 Leicester Super
REMPALA, Krystian Unia Tarnow & Poland May 28, 2016 Rybnik, Poland (May 22)
RENLUND, Sven Sweden Jan 28, 1970 Ornskoldsvik, Sweden (Jan 18) (I-R)
RENNIE, Henry Australia Nov 25, 1925 Cessnock, NSW, Australia
RETIENNE, Georg Germany Aug 8, 1923 Leipzig, Germany (Z-B)
REYNOLDS, Eddy Glasgow & England May 27, 1930 Glasgow White City
REYNOLDS, Gary England Nov 1997 Iwade, Kent, England (R-A)
RICHARDSON, Lee Lakeside & England May 13, 2012 Wroclaw, Poland
RIJKS, Jurjen Netherlands Jun 9, 1974 Eenrum, Netherlands (G-T)
ROCCIO, Ernie Wimbledon & USA Jul 23, 1952 West Ham (Jul 22)
ROGERS, Harry England May 19, 1938 Dagenham
ROGERS, Mike Wolverhampton & England Jun 5, 1953 Wolverhampton
ROININEN, Ilkka Finland Feb 26, 2000 Tuusulanjarvi, Finland (I-R)
ROJAS, Sergio Argentina Jan 15, 1995 Bahia Blanca, Argentina
ROMANEK, Lukasz Rybnik & Poland Jun 2, 2006 Rybnik, Poland (Other)
ROMPPANEN, Leo Finland Aug 30, 1953 Pori, Finland
ROSE, Marian Torun & Poland Apr 19, 1970 Rzeszów, Poland
ROSENFELD, Albert 'Aussie' Bradford & England Jul 16, 1946 Bradford Odsal (Jul 6)
ROTH, Sebastian Germany May 1, 1936 Bremgarten, Switzerland(N-C)
ROUND, Bert Barnsley & England Aug 26, 1929 Barnsley, S. Yorks, England(R-A)
ROWLANDS, George England Jun 18, 1929 Audenshaw
ROY, Laurie Australia Feb 22, 1933 Melbourne Exhibition Ground, VIC, Australia
ROZAK, Marcin Gniezno & Poland Jun 8, 1977 Tarnów, Poland (May 12)
ROZANSKI, Stanislaw Rzeszów & Poland Aug 14, 1958 Rzeszów, Poland (Jul 13)
RUNNAKKO, Erki Finland May 31, 1964 Kokkola, Finland (L-T)


SAGEN, Oscar Norway 1946 Bjerkebanen, Oslo, Norway
SAILER, Thomas Germany May 24, 1990 Herxheim, Germany (L-T)
SAITGAREEV, Rif Ostrów & Russia Jun 18, 1996 Ostrów, Poland (Jun 6)
SAKAI, Hiromi Japan Jan 15, 2012 Funabashi, Japan (A-R)
SAMS, Barry England Sep 1975 Sixpenny Handley, Dorset (G-T)
SANDERS, Billy Ipswich & Australia Apr 23, 1985 Suffolk, England (Other)
SANFORD, Tony Exeter & England Sep 8, 1981 Exeter (Sep 7)
SAULT, Ronald Australia Mar 4, 1948 Bacchus Marsh Speedway, Melbourne, VC, Australia
SAVAGE, David 'Swede' USA Jul 2, 1973 Indianapolis, IN, US (Car racing – Indy 500) (May 30)
SAYER, Dick Norwich & South Africa Feb 6, 1959 Chislet Colliery, Kent (Mining accident)
SCHILLER, Neil Australia Dec 18, 1937 Claremont, Perth, WA, Australia
SCHLAM, Sigismund Australia Nov 1, 1930 Perth (WACA), WA, Australia
SCHNEEWEISS, Martin Austria Oct 7, 1947 Graz, Austria
SCHOELEN, J Germany Jul 1963 Baarlo Sportspark, Netherlands (Jun 30) (G-T)
SCHOLLHORN, Max Germany May 13, 1984 Artigues-de-Lussac (France) (G-T)
SERRURIER, Jack South Africa May 15, 1952 South Africa (R-A)
SHARP, Ray Australia Sep 25, 1965 Brisbane Ekka, QLD, Australia (Sep 18)
SHARPE (GIBSON), Jack Australia Oct 22, 1948 Sydney Sportsground, NSW, Australia
SHEAD, Jock Halifax & England Jul 1, 1950 Norwich
SHELTON, Archie England Jul 18, 1937 Rye House (N-C)
SHIRLEY, Stuart Ellesmere Port & England Dec 3, 1977 Ellesmere Port
SIEGL, Hans Germany Jun 25, 1978 Linz, Austria
SILVER, Lincoln I. ** USA Apr 20, 1913 Tuileries Mototdrome,Denver, CO, USA (B-R)
SIMON, Des Australia Dec 3, 1962 Brisbane Ekka, QLD, Australia (Dec 1)
SIRL, John Australia Nov 24, 1951 Brisbane Ekka, QLD, Australia
SIRN, Julius ** USA May 23, 1913 Cleveland, OH, USA (B-R)
SIPPOLA, Erkki-Ala Finland May 31 1958 Helsinki, Finland (May 29)
SJÖBERG, Torsten Sweden Oct 16, 1944 Varberg, Gothenburg, Sweden (Miltary race)
SJÖSTEN, Christer Poole & Sweden Dec 9, 1979 Brisbane, QLD, Australia (Dec 1)
SKOGLUND, Leif Sweden Jul 24, 1951 Gothenburg, Sweden
SLUNECKO, Josef Czechoslovakia Sep 9, 1964 Dolni Čermná, Czechoslovakia
SLOOP, Gray ** USA Nov 26, 1914 Savannah, GA, USA (R-R)
SMITH, Albert England Nov 1928 Middlesbrough, Yorkshire (R-A)
SMITH, Douglas England Sep 21, 1955 Lockwell Hill, Notts (G-T)(Sep 18)
SMITH, Jack Preston & England Aug 10, 1929 Preston
SMITH, Jack (see KENNY, James)
SMOCZYK, Alfred Warsaw & Poland Sep 26, 1950 Kraków, Poland (R-A)
SMOLINSKI, Grzegorz Gniezno & Poland Apr 21, 1987 Poznań, Poland (Apr 12)
SONNENBERG, Enrico Germany May 29, 2015 Teterow, Germany (Hill climb) (May 23)
SPIERS, Mick Long Eaton & England Aug 25, 1983 Long Eaton
SPLAWSKI, Bogdan Zielona Góra & Poland Sep 5, 1981 Zielona Góra, Poland
STACH, Gerard Opole & Poland Oct 13, 1974 Opole, Poland
STADEN, Karl-Heinz Germany 1952 Germany (R-A)
STAIG, Alec Australia Feb 28, 1925 Melbourne Motordrome, VIC, Australia (Z-B)
STAINER, Reg England Dec 5, 1940 England (R-A during blackout)
STAPLES, Bob Australia Dec 15, 1956 Sydney Royale, NSW, Australia
STAROSELTSEV, Konstantin Russia Jul 30, 2013 Khabarovsk, Russia (Jul 14) (Motocross)
STEVENS, Ted Plymouth & Australia Apr 14, 1953 St. Austell
STENZEL East Germany 1965 Miramont-de-Guyenne, France (G-T)
STEWART, Paul Australia Oct 10, 1998 Townsville, QLD, Australia
STIEGLMEIER, Erich Germany Aug 20, 1961 Pardubice, Czechoslovakia (CGH)
STILLEY, Fred Australia Sep 27, 1930 Wentworth Oval, Sydney, NSW, Australia
STILWELL, Clyde ** USA Aug 31, 1912 St. Louis Motordrome, MO, USA (B-R)
STIRLING, Peter Australia Dec 28, 1965 Rowley Park, Adelaide, SA, Australia (Dec 17)
STOCKDALE, Charlie Australia Nov 18, 1928 Wayville, SA, Australia (Nov 17)
STOCKDALE, H.J. Australia Mar 28, 1925 Penrith, NSW, Australia
STOCKDALE, John Preston & England May 11, 1929 Preston
STOCKMAN, Ernie New Zealand Nov 1965 New Zealand (R-A)
STOCKNER, Robert England Jul 18, 1950 Rye House
STOREY, Tommy Newcastle & England Jul 15, 1931 North Wales (R-A)
SUFFNER, Jerzy Ostrów & Poland Sep 7, 1979 Ostrów, Poland
SUNDQVIST, Ingemar Kaparna & Sweden Dec 1958 Australia (Drowned)
SUTHERLAND, Warren USA Apr 15, 1948 Vilshofen, Germany (G-T)
SVINKIN, Konstantyn Russia Jun 7, 1988 Pinsk, Russia
SWIATKOWSKI, Witold Gniezno & Poland Sep 3, 1960 Rybnik, Poland
TANTAU, Colin 'Ultee' New Zealand Nov 20, 2002 Rosebank, Auckland, New Zealand (Nov 17)
TAPPING, Ron England Aug 14, 1949 Brands Hatch, Kent (G-T)
TAYLOR, Ted USA May 19, 2004 Tulare, CA, USA (F-T) (May 15)
TEODOROWICZ, Tadeusz Swindon & England Jan 22, 1965 West Ham (Sep 1, 1964)
TEPPER, Richard Poland 1975 Teterow, Germany (G-T)
THOMSON, Johnny Poole & Scotland May 13, 1955 Poole (May 9)
THORN, Willi Germany Apr 14, 1952 Zementbahn Bamberger, Bamberg, Germany (Z-B)
THURNER, Anton Austria Jul 17, 1961 Lonigo, Italy
TKACZYK, Tadeusz Lublin & Poland May 6, 1968 Lublin, Poland (May 3)
TOLLEY, Howard New Zealand Feb 9, 1947 Palmerston North, New Zealand (Feb 8)
TOMICEK, Lubos Czechoslovakia Oct 20, 1968 Pardubice, Czechoslovakia (CGH)
TORLÜMKE, Maik Germany Sep 25, 2000 Cloppenburg, Germany (G-T) (Sep 16)
TOURNEUR, Robert Belgium 1955 Waver, Belgium (G-T)
TREE, Andrew New Zealand Feb 24, 2008 Invercargill, New Zealand (N-C)
TRELLE, Oskar Germany May 4, 1930 Reichselsdorfer Keller, Nürnberg, Germany (Z-B)
TROJAK, Josef Czechoslovakia Sep 13, 1975 Kopřivnice, Czechoslovakia
TYLER, Stanley Australia Nov 25, 1926 Sydney Royale, NSW, Australia (Nov 13)
Jack Unstead, then of Poole, leading

five-times World Champion Ove Fundin. 

UNDERWOOD, Jon Oxford & England Jun 19, 2000 Netherlands (R-A)
UNSTEAD, Jack Exeter & England Apr 13, 1962 Ipswich


VAN AKEN, N. S. N. Netherlands Jul 6, 1921 Alkmaar Sportpark, Netherlands (G-T)
VAN DER PLUYM, Arie Netherlands Jul 15, 1934 Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium (R-R)
VAN DER VELDE, Jack Netherlands Oct 28, 2012 Vledderveen, Netherlands (G-T)
VARNER, Nick USA Jul 20, 2011 Glen Helen, CA, USA (Moto-cross)
VERHOEF, Henk Netherlands Aug 23, 1959 Alkmaar, Netherlands
VIGOR, Reg Wimbledon & England Jul 27, 1937 Wimbledon
VILDE, Antonin Czechoslovakia Sep 18, 1963 Pardubice, Czechoslovakia (CGH)
VISE, Peter Germany Jul 23, 1928 Zementbahn Hamborn, Duisberg, Germany (Z-B)
VLEESCHHOUWER, Joop Netherlands Jul 1, 1945 Olympic Stadium, Amsterdam, Netherlands
VYUNOV, Gennadi Neva Leningrad & Russia Jun 1, 1970 Leningrad, Russia (May)


WAHLMANN, Leif Poole & Sweden Jul 29, 1984 King's Lynn (Jul 28)
WALICKI, Andrzej Gniezno & Poland Aug 14, 1967 Pila, Poland (Aug 13)
WALKER, Gene ** USA Jun 24, 1924 East Stroudsburg Fairgrounds, PA, USA (F-T) (Jun 7)
WALKER, Noel Australia May 8, 1948 Townsville, QLD, Australia
WALSH, Mike Glasgow & Scotland Aug 30, 1983 Glasgow (Aug 26)
WARK, Danny Australia Nov 21, 1993 Tennant Creek, NT, Australia (Nov 20)
WARNER, Hugh ** USA Jul 7,1913 Eastend Motordrome, Pittsburgh, PA, USA (B-R)
WASLEY, Nigel Nottingham & England Sep 14, 1979 Nottingham (Long Eaton) (Aug 29)
WASSELL, Jimmy Australia Jan 2, 1932 Melbourne Motordrome, VIC, Australia (Z-B)
WATKINSON, Hugh Birmingham & England Nov 16, 1946 Birmingham Perry Barr
WATSON, Neal King's Lynn & England May 19, 1984 King's Lynn
WATSON, Noel Motherwell & Australia Nov 6, 1953 Sydney Sportsground, NSW, Australia
WATTS, Freddie England Aug 1, 1971 Bordeaux (Langon), France (G-T)
WEAR, Charles Australia Nov 3, 1930 Bunbury Showground, WA, Australia (Nov 2)
WEISSBACH, Harry Germany Oct 16, 1949 Zwickau, Germany (Z-B)
WEISHAAR, Ray ** USA Apr 13, 1924 Legion Ascot, Lincoln Heights, CA, USA (F-T)
WESSMAN, Oscar South Africa Feb 25, 1950 Wembley, Johannesburg, South Africa
WETTERGREN, Arne Norrköping & Sweden Sep 21, 1962 Norrköping, Sweden (Sep 20)
WHEELER, Les New Cross & England Nov 25, 1934 Coventry, Warks, England (R-A)
WIEGERT, Richard Germany Jul 26, 1987 Pfarrkirchen, Germany (L-T) (Jul 18)
WIESE, Herbert Germany Oct 28, 1932 Radrennbahn Grüneiche, Breslau, Germany (Z-B)
WILCOX, Ed ** USA Sep 3, 1917 Lakewood Speedway, Atlanta, GA, USA (F-T)
WILKENS, Jochen Germany Feb 1977 Germany (R-A)
WILLS, Dave West Ham & Australia Jun 23, 1965 West Ham (Jun 22)
WILSON, Bill Middlesbrough Jul 5, 1948 Norwich
WILSON, Nelson 'Bronco' Wembley & England Aug 15, 1947 Harringay
WINKLER, Darrin Australia Dec 8, 2012 Maryborough, QLD, Australia
WINKLER, Hans Germany Jul 19, 1936 Vogelsberg, Germany (R/R)
WINSTANLEY, Damien Australia Nov 1, 1991 Mackay, QLD, Australia (Oct 19)
WISSING, Poul Denmark Oct 1, 1967 Rostock, Germany
WOHLING, Lionel Australia Dec 24, 1928 Smithfield, SA, Australia (Dec 22)
WOLAK, Wlodzimierz Gorzów & Poland Oct 1, 1957 Gorzów, Poland
WOOD, A.E. England Jun 12, 1928 Linthwaite, W. Yorkshire, England (R-A)
WOODS, Jack New Zealand Feb 10, 1947 Palmerston North, New Zealand (Feb 8)
WULZEN, Dick USA Sep 9, 1937 Fresno State College Stadium, Fresno, CA, USA
YOUNGS, Francis England Jul 1, 1934 Brands Hatch, Kent, England (G-T)
YUDIN, Artur Riga & Latvia 1993 Latvia
ZACHAROV, Boris Russia May 1964 Rostov-on-Don, Russia
ZARZECKI, Andrzej Zielona Góra & Poland Mar 24, 1993 Zielona Góra (Mar 21)
ZIENKIEWICZ, Leszek Rzeszów & Poland Oct 25, 1961 Rzeszów, Poland (Oct 24)
ZOLLNER, Josef Germany Aug 5, 1984 Langon, France (G-T)
ZUBENKO, Oleg Russia Apr 7 1988 Elista, Russia



This a small list of names who, although not listed above, I feel merit inclusion on this site.  There is also additional information regarding some of the riders listed.


ANDREWS, Henry (USA).................................................Jul 30, 1913..............Lagoon Motordrome, Ludlow, KY, USA (B-R)

     One of at least seven spectators burned to death after Odin JOHNSON's fatal accident.

BISHOP, Phil (England)......................................................Jul 14, 1970..............Lokeren, Belgium (R/A)
     Although long retired from racing, Phil (nicknamed "The King of Crash") lost his life in the Lokeren tragedy along with several active riders.

BAKKER, Gerrit (Netherlands)..........................................Oct 11, 1925..............Sappemeer, Netherlands (G-T)

     Bakker was one of two thirteen-year old boys (Gerrit Eisses was the other) killed when  a riderless bike hit a crowd of spectators at a grass-track meeting.

BARNETT, William (USA).................................................Sep 8, 1912...............Vailsburg Motordrome, Newark, NJ, USA (B-R)

     Barnett was one of six spectators who were killed in the crash that claimed the lives of riders Eddie HASHA and John ALBRIGHT.

BELL, William (Australia)...................................................Feb 9, 1929...............Melbourne Motordrome, VIC, Australia (Z-B)

     I have no details of the accident that claimed the lives of spectators William BELL and George Goldsmith.


BOTTOMS, Alf (England).................................................May 3, 1951...............Luxembourg (Car Racing - Luxembourg GP)

     Retired from speedway, former Wembley star Alf died while practicing for the Luxembourg GP)

BRAUNER, Rudolf (Germany)..........................................Jul 30, 1933................Grunewald Stadion, Berlin, Germany.

     A spectator, I have no details of the accident in which Rudolf lost his life.

BUCHTMAN, Ethel (USA)................................................Jul 30, 1913................Lagoon Motordrome, Ludlow, KY, USA (B-R)

     One of at least seven spectators burned to death after Odin JOHNSON's fatal accident.

BUKAT, Herbert (Germany)...............................................Aug 1, 1933................Grunewald Stadion, Berlin, Germany.

     A spectator, I have no details of the accident in which Herbert lost his life.

 CARTER, James (USA).....................................................Jul 30, 1913.................Lagoon Motordrome, Ludlow, KY, USA (B-R)

     One of at least seven spectators burned to death after Odin JOHNSON's fatal accident.

CUNNINGHAM. Grace (USA)..........................................Jul 6,  1912.................Wandamere Motordrome, Slt Lake City, Utah, USA (B-R)

     A spectator, Cunningham died from injuries sustained in the crash in which Harry DAVIS lost his life (Jul 4)

DALLEY, Russell (USA)......................................................Sep 8, 1912...............Vailsburg Motordrome, Newark, NJ, USA (B-R)

     Dalley was one of six spectators who were killed in the crash that claimed the lives of riders Eddie HASHA and John ALBRIGHT.

DAVIS, William (USA)........................................................Jul 30, 1913..............Lagoon Motordrome, Ludlow, KY, USA (B-R)

     Five-year-old Davis was one of at least seven spectators burned to death after Odin JOHNSON's fatal accident.

EISSES, Gerrit (Netherlands)...............................................Oct 11, 1925...............Sappemeer, Netherlands (G-T)

     Eisses was one of two thirteen-year old boys (Gerrit BAKKER was the other) killed when  a riderless bike hit a crowd of spectators at a grass-track meeting.

FISCHER, Edward (USA).....................................................Sep 8, 1912...............Vailsburg Motordrome, Newark, NJ, USA (B-R)

     Fischer was one of six spectators who were killed in the crash that claimed the lives of riders Eddie HASHA and John ALBRIGHT.

FOEHNER, Thomas (USA)...................................................Sep 8, 1912..............Vailsburg Motordrome, Newark, NJ, USA (B-R)

     Foehner was one of six spectators who were killed in the crash that claimed the lives of riders Eddie HASHA and John ALBRIGHT.

GOLDSMITH, George (Australia).......................................Feb 9, 1929...............Melbourne Motordrome, VIC, Australia (Z-B)

     I have no details of the accident that claimed the lives of spectators William BELL and George GOLDSMITH.

HEIKKURI (Finland)......................................................................1956................Oulu, Finland (I-R)

     A young boy by the last name of Heikkuri was killed when Kauko Jousanen left the track and crashed into a viewing area.

HEPBURN, Ralph (USA)...................................................
May 16, 1948..............Indianapolis, IN, USA
(Car Racing - Indy 500)

     Retired from motorcycle racing, Ralph died in qualifying practice for the 1948 Indianapolis 500.

HICKMAN, Samuel (USA)................................................May 30, 1913..............Luna Park, Cleveland, OH, USA (B-R)

     A spectator Hickman was killed when running on to the track to aid a fallen rider.

HOPE, Dick (England)......................................................................1980...............Halfpenny Green, Wolverhampton, W. Midlands, England (G-T).

     A marshall at a grass-track meeting, Dick was injured  on May Bank Holiday Monday, and passed away several days later.

JIRECEK, Frantisek (
Czech Republic)................................May 26, 1947..............Plzen, Czech Republic

     A mechanic, Frantisek was helping a fallen rider when he was struck and killed.

KRASNOV, Mikhail (Balakovo & Russia).......................November 1979.............
     Mikhail was not racing at the time of his death, but his terminal illness had forced his retirement several months earlier.

LITTLEJOHN, David (Australia)..............................................Oct 6, 1925...........Penrith, NSW, Australia (Oct 5)
     A spectator, David Littlejohn ran onto the track to remove a crashed bike, and was hit by a rider, Leonard Jones.

LOEFRING, James (USA)........................................................Sep 8, 1912..............Vailsburg Motordrome, Newark, NJ, USA (B-R)

     Lowering was one of six spectators who were killed in the crash that claimed the lives of riders Eddie HASHA and John ALBRIGHT.

MALEK, Vlastimil (Czech Republic).....................................June 22, 1958.............Podebrady, Czech Republic
     Just 14 years of age, spectator Vlastimil was killed when Josef Ruzicka's machine went into the crowd.

MICHAELS, Mrs William  (USA).........................................Juyl 30, 1913..............Lagoon Motordrome, Ludlow, KY, USA (B-R)

     One of at least seven spectators burned to death after Odin JOHNSON's fatal accident.

PATTERSON, William (USA).................................................Jul 30, 1913..............Lagoon Motordrome, Ludlow, KY, USA (B-R)

     One of at least seven spectators burned to death after Odin JOHNSON's fatal accident.

POLUKARD, Mieczyslaw (Bydgoszcz & Poland)..........October 25, 1985.............
Bydgoszcz, Poland
     Long retired from competitive racing, former World Finalist Mieczyslaw was killed in a training accident at his home track.

ROBERTS, Ernest (Canada).................................................June 22., 1915............Leslieville Motordrome, Toronto, Canada (B-R)

     Caretaker of the Motordrome, Roberts was sweeping glass from the track (on May 22) when he was hit by rider Sayer.

STEEL, Mark (England).....................................................August 22, 2005............Swanage, Dorset, England
     Although retired at the time of his death, the 23-year old former Swindon rider tragically disappeared while deep-sea diving.

VARMUZA, J (Czech Republic)...........................................July 18, 1937..............Olomouc, Czech Republic
     Another 14-year old, Varmuza was killed when rider Palousek crashed into spectators.

WIGG, Simon (England)..............................................November 15, 2000.............Milton Keynes, Bucks, England
     Former World Long-Track Champion Simon succumbed to a brain tumour which had forced his retirement several years earlier.

WILLIAM, Charles (USA)......................................................Sep 8, 1912..............Vailsburg Motordrome, Newark, NJ, USA (B-R)

     William was one of six spectators who were killed in the crash that claimed the lives of riders Eddie HASHA and John ALBRIGHT.


Richard BARTLETT was an all-round motorcyclist, and was a regular competitor in vintage grass-track events.  He was killed on his debut
racing on the Isle of Man.

Jacob DEROSIER crashed at the Los Angeles Stadium Motodrome on March 12, 1912, but died at home in Springfield, Massachusetts on  February 25, 1913, from complications resulting from continued surgery.

The official cause of death for Poole's Kevin HOLDEN was given as a ruptured aorta.  It appears that this occurred a split-second before the crash, not only causing the crash, but also claiming his life in the process.

Odin JOHNSON crashed into a light-pole while Board Racing.  The sparks ignited Johnson's fuel tank, which caused a large fire.  In addition to Johnson

losing his life, seven spectators were killed..

Rinat MARDANSHIN died after developing a blood clot during a routine operation to remove a metal plate from an injured collar-bone.

Jim MASTERS suffered a heart attack and passed away after suffering a massive heart attack on returning to the Costa Mesa pits after a race.

Sebastian ROTH was practicing for the Motorcycle Grand Prix of Switzerland, when he pulled his machine to the edge of the track, and died from a heart attack.

Archie SHELTON was preparing to ride at Rye House when he suffered a brain hemorrhage in the pits.


Nick VARNER was a noted youth competitor, just eleven years of age, and had been racing in various forms of motorcycle racing for several years.

Nigel WASLEY was recuperating well from a broken leg, but died from a pulmonary embolism (blood clot) 

Those riders marked "**". while not actually racing "true" speedway, are included as 'board-racing" and "Class A racing" (similar to modern flat-tracking)  were the forerunners of speedway in the US.   These riders invariably participated in both disciplines, as well as road-racing.  "Class A racing" is sometimes listed as an unofficial (pre-1930) US National Speedway Championship.

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